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Post 1 (Brief Intro)

I have been slowly updating I am trying out a new free host: The other freebie host (Moon Fruit) stopped working for me so here it goes...

What to write about... This is my first "Blog," I cannot guarantee anything.

My name is Troy and I have a little ongoing music project currently named Synthtron.

As a musician, synthesizers have been my instrument of choice. I can play drums and a little piano but to me there is something about creating sounds. Being able to manipulate waveforms (digital and analog) using filters, modulators, and envelopes has always interested me.

My earliest experience using a synth related keyboard was when I started using an Ensoniq Mirage Sampler at a Vo-Tech School. I went to study TV communications there while I was in High School. I already had an interest in synthesizers which had started a few years before thanks to the 80's synth bands especially Duran Duran. They were a big influence on me. Seeing the Reflex music video with the large Roland logo emblazoned on the synthesizer Nick Rhodes was playing was the first brand I became familiar with. I was aware of Moog synthesizers even years before that but seeing the Roland Jupiter-8 in a few 80's videos (Duran Duran and Journey) caught my interest in Roland Synths. Musically, I was really influenced by the music of the 80's (thanks to MTV's exposure in the early 80's) I also love music from the 70's.

I am hoping I can post other things about me, my music, the synthesizers I use, etc. on this blog. I would love to also entertain comments or questions.

This week I am looking forward to Musikmesse 2016. That is this week starting Thursday I believe. No I am not attending but am looking forward to checking out new music related gear, especially synthesizers. Honestly I would like a new Roland Workstation. Some have said the workstation was dead but Korg (Kronos)and now Yamaha (Montage) have continued building them in 2016. I have a Fantom X6 and it is beginning to show its age. It is a fine piece but a couple buttons will need to be serviced soon. We will see what synth manufacturers roll out.

Also, ideas have been coming to me for a new project/album. Its been about a year and a half since I completed my last project (One Trick Pony).

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